About us

Infinite Whys is a UK-based game studio founded in late 2019 by Yoyu Li. Yoyu is an experienced game producer, designer and technology entrepreneur, who started her career in games 15 years ago. She is a narrative designer and writer behind Reigns: Three Kingdoms. During the pandemic, the company proudly supported a group of recent graduates to develop their own game - which turns out to be Whispers in the West - read their story here.

Whispers in the West is a murder mystery game that supports online co-op for up to 4 players. The game sets in the far reaches of the Wild West. Imagine Among Us but with stories, or Ace Attorney but online co-op - each story is a unique and intriguing mystery waiting to be solved. To succeed, the players need to work as a team and debate amongst themselves - things may get heated.

The team developed our custom narrative engine to support the game’s unique multiplayer storytelling. And they plan to offer a Custom Story Editor to our community, so players can even write their own mysteries!